Retailer Solutions

“The Supply Chain is Dead!
It is no longer about the supply chain, it is about the Demand Chain!”
James E. Dion, Dionco Inc.


More and more retailers are making a renewed effort to partner with their vendors. Some have even spent millions of dollars to develop their own in-house point of sale information sharing systems. Those retailers believe that the value of sharing this information with their vendors is worth that sizable cost.

Before the advent of on-demand software, an affordable means to provide this service for their vendors was not feasible.

The largest vendors realize and continue to believe that sharing information does not only prove a positive ROI for themselves, but it is also the best way to assist their vendors. With a view of what is occurring at the front line, the vendors can run a more efficient and profitable business, which translate to a more profitable retailer business.

Developing and supporting a vendor software platform is not your core competency. It’s ours. Partnering with GigaPlumb will allow you to outsource this effort. GigaPlumb will offer analysis for each of your suppliers. In essence you will be providing a personalized portal for each of your vendors, giving each their own dashboard of information. Your benefits include:

  1. Increasing in-stock percentage
  2. Increasing revenues and margins through geographic analysis
  3. Lowering inventory investment and conserving working capital



GigaPlumb is planning to partner with the retailers. As such the retailer investment will be dependent upon the scope and commitment of the partnership. Considerations will include:

  1. Number of suppliers on the system
  2. Number of items, stores and time periods for which data is provided
  3. Co-branding, co-marketing of solution
  4. Technical support of solution (in-house or GigaPlumb personnel)