GigaPlumb’s hosted On-Demand Data Analytics platform allows advanced feature-rich dashboards, analytics, and reporting without having to buy any hardware, software, or additional IT staff. What larger vendors and retailers have spent months, and sometimes even years implementing, you can have in weeks. All that’s required is a browser and broadband connection. Your management can be located anywhere in the world and the GigaPlumb system is so easy to set-up and use, your management can be up and running with sales and product analytics in weeks.

Increase Revenue
  • Increase in-stock percentage
  • Promotional Order Management
  • Increased revenues and margins with most geographic analysis
Decrease Cost
  • Generate significant inventory and working capital savings
  • Avoid and reduce reactive measures such as expedited transportation
  • Reduced time spent accessing information and creating reports
Improved Retailer Relations
  • Improve Service levels
  • Improved CPFR performance
  • Proactive partnering with retailer