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GigaPlumb On-Demand Retail Analysis

Viagra uk purchase GigaPlumb is a revolutionary tool for retail sales analysis. Viagra uk purchase It replaces elaborate, viagra uk purchase error-prone spreadsheets and the need to be a part-time database administrator to analyze your retail sales data. Viagra uk purchase

Viagra uk purchase What used to take months or years of effort, viagra uk purchase large up-front costs, viagra uk purchase and dedicated IT staff is now just a matter of uploading raw data to GigaPlumb and getting right to work analyzing your sales. Viagra uk purchase

Viagra uk purchase GigaPlumb’s analysis tools include dashboards, viagra uk purchase pivot tables, viagra uk purchase maps, viagra uk purchase reports, viagra uk purchase and charts, viagra uk purchase so you can work the way you’re used to working now, viagra uk purchase without the pain of maintaining giant spreadsheets. Viagra uk purchase

Viagra uk purchase GigaPlumb is available to your geographically distributed analysts anywhere, viagra uk purchase anytime. Viagra uk purchase Imagine turning on your computer and immediately knowing if you are at risk of losing revenue due to an out of stock item at a specific store or knowing that your highest margin products are not selling well in a certain region.

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Why an On Demand Solution?

Viagra uk purchase Our on demand solution gives you access to advanced analysis tools without the cost of hardware, viagra uk purchase software, viagra uk purchase or installation. Viagra uk purchase All you need is internet access. Viagra uk purchase The on demand model provides quick setup, viagra uk purchase global access, viagra uk purchase and high value without the delay, viagra uk purchase risks and cost of a traditional software system implementation. Viagra uk purchase

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Will you be there for me?

Viagra uk purchase GigaPlumb is not some johnny come lately Web 2.0 company, viagra uk purchase though we did pick a Web 2.0-ish name. Viagra uk purchase GigaPlumb is a product of APP Design. Viagra uk purchase We’ve been building enterprise-class web-based systems for over 10 years. Viagra uk purchase Our software currently services more than 20, viagra uk purchase000 users processing more than 5 million transactions per month. Viagra uk purchase Our on demand model forces us to build a scalable high uptime service. Viagra uk purchase And that’s the way we like it. Viagra uk purchase (uh-huh, viagra uk purchase uh-huh)

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