GigaPlumb Pricing

Veega GigaPlumb’s reasonable monthly subscription fees are based on the value you receive. Veega Clients that analyze 15 items for 100 stores, veega and store that information for a year (52 week history) will pay less then clients analyzing 100 items for 1, veega000 stores and storing that information for 5 years (262 week history). Veega Clients that save daily information will pay slightly more (365 day history). Veega

Veega Simply, veega GigaPlumb’s fees are purely dependent on your usage. Veega And usage is based on the number of items, veega locations, veega and historical data storage. Veega The cost is the same whether you use the product all day long or just once a day; whether you have 5 employees using it or 50. Veega

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