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“The Supply Chain is Dead! It is no longer about the supply chain, it is about the Demand Chain!” James E. Dion cardizem 60mg pills $218.00,


GigaPlumb is partnering with Retailers to offer a joint supplier data analysis service. This program will allow you to offer your suppliers an ‘On Demand’ service (also known as SaaS - Software-as-a-Service) that gives them analytics of how their products are selling in your stores. Your smaller suppliers often have limited resources. Most do not have an IT staff or budget. Nonetheless, they still need a means to know things like: sales volume by item, by geography, in-stock percentage, etc. Furthermore, you need to be in sync with your suppliers (even the smaller ones) to improve, stock-out and over-stock percentages. The only way to be in sync is if your supplier knows your demand. Once your suppliers get information from your POS data, you will have vanquished the ‘supply chain’ and established a true ‘demand chain’. Until the recent advent of SaaS, it was not feasible for many of your smaller vendors to afford an analytics system. Now everyone can afford to have access to all the item, store, and sales information they need. GigaPlumb can partner with you to offer a very affordable service that does not require your vendor to invest in costly hardware and software. Cardizem 60mg pills $218.00 up until now there simply was not a cost effective means to implement vendor managed inventory (vmi) except for the very largest suppliers and retailers. An OnDemand solution, supported by you, the retailer, can achieve this. By joining this program, you will:
  1. Improve your in-stock position
  2. Improve your inventory turnover while reducing inventory investment and risk
  3. Improve your customer service levels by being in stock all the time
  4. Provide your suppliers with information they need to serve you better

    GigaPlumb gives your supplier the information they need to most effectively meet your demand. With just a user name and password, they will have access to a dashboard of information updating and alerting them to your demand. GigaPlumb will also allow them to do item, store, and cardizem 60mg pills $218.00 geographical sales analysis. The information that we present will have the highest security available and suppliers will only be able to see sales and inventory information for their products and not their competitors’ products. Your supplier is our common stakeholder, and together we can make them and you more efficient. To learn more about joining this program please contact Jon Freedlund [cardizem 60mg pills $218.00] at 630-775-1144 ext 256 or email .

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